First Light Surf Report

No surfable waves today… nothing but long, ankle to shin high lines with knee high sets and some occasional thigh high clean up sets. Good for a SUP. Not enough for a LB. The Pensacola Buoy is 2.3 ft @ 4 sec headed towards the Yucatan Peninsula. Water temp 80°. Low tide @ 9:42 am. High tide just after midnight. Sunny. High near 80°. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph.

Smooooth Surf Forecast

Right now all the waves in the Gulf are headed towards to Yucatan Peninsula and away from us. That will begin to change on Tuesday when we’ll see waves appearing from the SSE. The waves will continue on Wednesday and Thursday. Doesn’t look like anything huge but at least it will be rideable.

No surfable waves today

No surfable waves today

Friday Evening Update

Here’s some video from this morning. Not everyone can appreciate the groove and nuances of a small wave… but those who can sure get in a lot more days of surf on the Gulf Coast.

5 pm Friday Update

The wind has clocked to the west putting some light bumps on the dwindling shin to knee high waves. Long lines but no juice. The surf is not worth the drive out here but the scenery is.

5 pm Picture

5 pm Picture


3:30 pm Friday Update

It is very, very, very, beautiful out here. Everything – water, sky, temp, wind is perfect. The waves are shin to knee high.
Bring your SUP.
T. Huts

First Light Surf Report

We still have some knee to maybe thigh high waves rolling in. Light offshore winds and cooler temps. You could SUP it and maybe a longboard too if you can appreciate a smaller wave.. Pensacola Buoy is 2.6 ft @ 5 sec. Low tide @ 8:45 am. High @ 11:33 pm. Sunny with a few clouds. High 77°. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph.


Click on the pic to see more
Click on the pic to see more

Thursday Late Afternoon Update

The waves got in the knee to thigh range with a few rare waist high sets. You could tell that desperation is setting in because there was a surprising amount of people out despite the small conditions. I even saw more than one person trying to ride it on a short board. Except for the wave size the conditions were great and everyone was happy to have anything to ride. Here’s some pics of this afternoon’s session.

Thursday 2:30 pm Update

The wind has dropped and there are some knee to thigh high waves that can be ridden on a SUP or a longboard. There is not a whole lot of push to it but it is something to do if you are bored or needing to stay in shape. The water is crystal clear and the conditions are beautimous.

Thursday Noon Update

So far the waves have not built a whole lot. Still knee high with maybe an occasional thigh high one.

IMG_0189 - 2014-10-23 at 11-17-38 IMG_0191 - 2014-10-23 at 11-20-45


First Light Surf Report

Sunny todayAnother sunny morning with cool morning temps and no surfable waves yet but soon. At first light the Pensacola Buoy is 4.6 ft @ 6 sec. At daybreak the wind is NE @ 5-7 mph and the temps are in the mid 50s. Low tide at 7:57 am and high @ 11:06 pm. Sunshine with some clouds moving in this afternoon. High 76°. Winds NE at 10 to 15 mph.

Smooooth Surf Forecast

The Good News: There’s a good chance we’ll see waves later today. The winds on the Gulf have too much NE in it this morning but that is getting ready to change later today. Look for building waves from the ESE getting into the waist high range. Further out our forecast is looking promising for bigger waves early next week and even bigger waves later next week.

Smooooth Tropical Report

The Bad News: Before you went to bed last night TD #9 went ashore over the Yucatan Peninsula and promptly fell apart. The National Hurricane Center has now classified it as a Remnant Low and it is not expected to regenerate. We’ll keep an eye on that area just in case something changes.

Morning Slide Report

small but building waves
surfable later
TS #9 disappeared last night
Build baby build
Chillier this morning

Morning Video Report

Wednesday 10pm Tropical Update

TD#9 has gone ashore on the Yucatan Peninsula and has quickly lost what little punch it had. It now only has sustained winds of 25 mph so it has been downgraded by the National Hurricane Center to a Remnant Low. The GFS model is now suggesting that this storm may not regenerate after all.

Wednesday Evening Tropical Update

We’ll see some small, longer period waves trying to show up tomorrow that are unrelated to any tropical activity. Won’t be much to it but we’ll be keeping an eye on it just in case it’s bigger than expected. Tropical Depression #9 is getting ready to cross the Yucatan Peninsula and will be entering the NW Caribbean. The jury is still out on how quickly it will intensify once it gets in the Caribbean and whether it will come in the Gulf. The GFS model is very aggressive with significantly strengthening this system over the NW Caribbean between Sunday and Tuesday as it tracks slowly northward from the NW Caribbean on Sunday to the SE Gulf of Mexico by Tuesday. The GFS model forecasts that this system will impact the Florida Peninsula as probably a hurricane around Wednesday. It is noted that not all the models are agreeing with this scenario.


3:20 pm Wednesday Update

Pensacola Beach is basically flat. Jax Bch is 1-2 feet and choppy from a side shore wind.

First Light Surf Report

Sunny todayAnother great day with cool morning temps around 60° and low humidity. When’s the last time you remember this many sunny days in a row? There’s no surfable waves this morning but we’ll see some small waves soon. The tide will be low at 7:12 am and High @ 10:45 pm. Today’s going to be a sunny one. High 79°. Winds NNE at 10 to 15 mph.

First Light Surf Forecast

No waves today but we will see some small, longer period waves Thursday through Saturday. We do have Tropical Depression #9 that’s formed in the Bay of Campeche overnight and it’s likely to become a Tropical Storm later today before reaching the Yucatan Peninsula tonight. We may not be done with this storm once it goes inland… be sure to check our Tropical Weather Page.

No waves today
Small waves tomorrow through Saturday
Tropical Depression #9 is alive
Likely to become TS Hannah
Storm could enter Gulf later


Evening Invest 93L Update

Showers and thunderstorms associated with Invest 93L have not become any better organized during the past few hours. However, upper-level winds could become more favorable for development later tonight and Wednesday, and Invest 93L has the potential to become a tropical depression/storm before it moves inland over the Mexican state of Campeche late Wednesday or early Thursday. Later in the week, tropical cyclone formation appears unlikely due to interaction with a cold front while the system is over the northwestern Caribbean Sea. However once the conditions change there is a possibility that this storm could begin moving towards Florida.

* Tropical formation chance through 48 hours…medium…50 percent.
* Tropical formation chance through 5 days…medium…50 percent.

3 pm Tuesday Update