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Surf Report | Tuesday 10/6/15

Surf Report Morning Pic

Surf Report Morning Picture

Surf Report Pensacola Beach

Surf Report weather picture This morning the winds at the beach are from the east @ 7-10 mph making some little ankle high bumps. Out on the Gulf the offshore winds have been keeping the Gulf as flat as can be for us. There are no real waves today and none are expected. The Pensacola Buoy is 3 ft @ 5 sec from the NE. Today, morning clouds will give way to afternoon sunshine. High 82F. Winds NE at 5 to 10 mph.

Surf Smooth Surf Forecast

The light to moderate NE to E winds over the NE Gulf will continue through tomorrow. Light onshore winds bringing nothing but unrideable small waves will return for the remainder of the week as a weak high pressure settles over the north central Gulf. The only hope we have is if the winds were to get more east than expected but that is a longshot.

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Gulf Coast Beach Cams | The Stand

Surf Report Cam from The Stand, Pensacola Beach, Florida

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Pensacola Beach Surf Report Wave Height Forecast


Monday Surf Report 10/5/15

Surf Report Monday 1:45 pm Update

The beach is beautiful today with offshores and clear water, but the waves are flat. Sunrise Surf Shop in Jax Bch is saying the waves are still great: 1-2 ft. with 3ft.+ sets, offshore winds and clean conditions.

Surf Smooth footage will be shown at Treehouse Cinema on Oct. 18th.

T. Huts / Remax on the Coast

Surf Report Morning Pic

Surf Report Picture

Pensacola Beach Surf Report

This morning the winds are blowing from the NW @ 8-12 mph and the Gulf of Mexico continues to be flat as a pancake. The Pensacola Buoy is 3.9 ft @ 5 sec from the NNE but that energy is headed towards the Yucatan Peninsula.

Morning Pensacola Beach Conditions

Surf Report weather pictureWeather: Today will be a mix of clouds and sun with a high around 79F. The winds will continue out of the NNE @ 10-15 mph. Sunrise Air Temp: 64°. Water Temp: 80°. Tides: A 1.7 ft High was @ 4:42 am. A 0.3 ft Low will be @ 4:24 pm.

Surf Smooth Surf Forecast

Surf report surf forecaster in actionUnfortunately, there’s nothing significant showing up on the Surf Smooth Crystal Ball. The winds will clock more easterly mid-week but they won’t be strong enough to kick up anything more than knee high at best. At this point it looks like we’re at least a week away from any surfable waves. It is, however, the Gulf… and it has been known to change in the blink of an eye..

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It's The Gulf...

and it can change in the blink of an eye …YSIII

Sunday Surf Report 10/4/15

Sunday Mid-Day Jacksonville Surf Report

We headed a little bit further south today because the swell was hitting better down there and we were rewarded with head to double overhead waves. The wind was offshore and the sun popped out and we were able to get some really good footage. Lots of folks from Pensacola made the journey over here and we’re glad they did.

Sunday Morning Surf Report

The winds remain offshore and the Gulf of Mexico remains waveless for now. There could be some small wind waves from the east early this week but there won’t be much to it. The smooth cams are still on the East Coast of Florida where the Joaquin swell really shaped up late yesterday and pumped some fun chest to head high and bigger sets. We’re looking forward to more of the same this morning.

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Saturday Surf Report 10/3/15

Lee Magaha

Saturday Jacksonville 4 pm Update

The winds are offshore and the surf is chest to head with some bigger sets. It’s plenty of fun with plenty of juice with barrels to be found. I sure miss the blue/green Gulf water though.

Saturday 2:30 pm Update

Pensacola Beach is flat, flat, flat.

I heard from a friend that Jacksonville has head high sets – fairly good waves. More peaky – not quite as long as they were hoping. Good for short boarding.

Surf movie coming to Treehouse Cinema Oct. 18th. Details coming.

Tom Hutson / Remax on the Coast

Saturday Morning Surf Report

The surf is perfectly flat in Pensacola. There are no waves today and none are expected. The Water Walkers Open Competition will not run due to lack of participation on the part of the Gulf of Mexico. The smooth cams have headed east to have a hot date with a woman named Joaquin. A report will follow once we are done with the first session of the morning.

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Friday Surf Report 10/2/15

4 pm Friday Update

The beach is overcast, the wind is offshore, and the waves are flat. Free surf movie at Treehouse Cinema coming Sunday night October 18th at 7:00pm. Stay tuned for details.

Tom Hutson/Remax on the Coast

Surf Report Beach Pic

Surf Report Picture of Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach Surf Report

The offshore  winds have been blowing so hard the NW Florida beaches are about as flaaaat as can be. The wind is out of the north @ 15 mph and the skies are gray. The morning air temps are only in the mid-60s and it’s beginning to feel like winter is really on the way. The highs today will only be in the mid-70s. There’s not going to be any surf here this weekend but the East Coast will be a different story thanks to a lady named Joaquin. If you have the time and gas money you can head over there. Expect big waves and even bigger crowds.

Pensacola Beach Surf Forecast

Unfortunately, the flatness will continue for awhile. There is no chance that the Water Walkers Open Competition will run tomorrow morning so grab your board and head to Casino Beach to help with the water safety of the Santa Rosa Island Triathlon. Meet at the YSIII Statue at 6:40 am. Your help is needed because some of the competitors are not strong swimmers… luckily the Gulf will be flat.

Hurricane Joaquin

Our next chance of waves will not come until the second half of next week so if you’re wave starved you can always head to the East Coast where Hurricane Joaquin will be traveling up the coast sending some good waves with offshore winds this weekend. To find out more go to our Tropical Weather Page.

Jacksonville Beach Surf Report

Magic Seaweed
Swell Info
911 Surf Report

Cocoa Beach Surf Report

Magic Seaweed
Swell Info

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Santa Rosa Island Triathlon Safety

Santa Rosa Triathlon Needs Surfer Water Safety Volunteers This Saturday

The Santa Rosa Island Triathlon will run on Pensacola Beach at Casino Beach on Saturday, October 3rd,  7-9 am. They are looking for surfer volunteers to bring your boards and help with the safety for the swimming leg of the Triathlon. Bring you short-long-SUP-board and meet at the YS3 statue at 6:50 am. The swimmers will go in the water at 7.

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