Pensacola Beach Surf Report & Forecast

Sunday Morning Surf Report 5/24/15

Sunday Morning Slide Report

We Got Waves!!!
Choppy conditions
Lots of drift
15 mph SE winds
Waist high with bigger sets
Rain in the area

Dawn Patrol Surf Report

This morning we have strong, gusty SE winds @ 12-15 mph that are chopping up the building waist high with occasional chest high sets. The form is very poor. I saw 2 short boarders out that were drifting along at a rapid pace. There is scattered rain in the area. The Orange Beach Buoy is 3 ft @ 5 sec from the ESE.

Morning Beach Conditions

Weather: Today we will have a 60% chance of scattered thunderstorms. High 83F. Winds SE at 15 to 25 mph. Sunrise Air Temp: 80°. Water Temp: 78°. Tides: Low @ 1:33 am. High @ 2:33 pm.

SS Surf Forecast

The waves will continue to build all day into the 4→7 ft range. The strong winds will back off only slightly this afternoon. On Monday we will have a longer fetch of wind aimed at us so the swell will get bigger and more organized. The waves will hold their size until midweek than began to slowly back down into next weekend.

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Saturday Surf Update 5/23/15

Sunday Evening Update

The waves never got in the rideable range today. As we near sunset there are only slightly over knee high waves rolling in. The winds are projected to pick up tonight from the SE and the waves will build into the 4-6 ft range by tomorrow. Strong SE winds will be a factor to consider however.

4 pm Pics

20150523-IMG_7650-2Only rideable if you’re young and nimble

20150523-IMG_7651Water is crystal clear

Saturday 4 pm Update

The surf has not got up a head of steam yet although it is slowly building. The water is crystal clear but it is now only knee high. I did see one youngster able to ride it on a shortboard. At this rate it is doubtful that it will be rideable before dark.

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It's The Gulf...

and it can change in the blink of an eye …YSIII

Saturday Surf Report 5/23/15

Saturday Morning Pictures

20150523-IMG_7638No waves yet

20150523-IMG_7640Good day for a paddle

Dawn Patrol Surf Report

At daybreak we don’t have any rideable waves yet… only ankle snappers. The wind is NE @ 3-5 mph putting some light texture on it. The winds and seas will begin to build from the ESE later today. The Orange Beach Buoy is 1.6 ft @ 4 sec from the SSW.

Morning Beach Conditions

Weather: Today will be mostly sunny. Slight chance of showers and thunderstorms in the morning. Highs in the mid 80s. Along the coast… ENE winds 5 to 10 mph becoming southeast 10 to 15 mph in the afternoon. Sunrise Air Temp: 70°. Water Temp: 78°. Tides: Low @ 1:09 am. High @ 2:15 pm.

SS Surf Forecast

The winds will clock to the SE later today and the seas will begin to build. We’ll keep an eye on it and let you know if and when it gets rideable today. Tonight the waves will increase into the chest high range and continue through mid-week. By Tuesday the surf will be in the head high+ range. The surf will slowly taper for the remainder of the work week.

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Friday Surf Update 5/22/15

YS4 on YS3 on Channel 3

YS4 appeared on channel 3 this morning and discussed Legend YS3, Gulf Coast surfing, and

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