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Tuesday Surf Report 11/24/15

Tuesday Afternoon Video

10:45 am Bill Sadler Pic

surf report pic

Tuesday 3:15 pm Update

The surf is waist high with rib to possibly chest high sets – depending on where you go. It’s fairly clean due to a light northeast wind.

Tom Hutson

10:45 am Surf Report Update

Eyes on report from Bill Sadler: Windy…. East Hard Winds 15-20 knots with gusts. Choppy sideshore conditions… chest maybe shoulder high on sets… lots of drift. Looks like more paddling than surfing if you go out.

Tuesday Morning Video Surf Report

Tuesday 8 am Surf Report Picture

Tuesday 8 am Surf Update

The wind has enough ENE in it to clean up the faces some. The waves are in the thigh to hip high range on the sets but it’s a long wait for the barely rideable sets. It will be bigger and warmer later today.

Dawn Patrol Surf Report

As the sun rises on this semi-chilly, sorta-windy morning there are already building thigh high waves from the east. The winds are from the east @ 6-10 mph and the buoys are on the rise so it’s time to get your game plan in order. At dawn patrol the Pensacola Buoy is already 5.2 ft @ 6 sec from the E.

Morning Pensacola Beach Conditions

Surf report partly cloudy pictureWeather: Today there will be a mix of clouds and sun. High around 65F. Winds ENE at 10 to 15 mph. Sunrise Air Temp: 49°. Water Temp: 71°. Tides: Low @ 6:39 am. High @ 9:09 pm.

Surf Smooth Surf Forecast

The waves are building and they’re going to be around through the weekend. Look for the waves to get in the surfable range later today somewhere in the waist to chest high range. Wednesday will be bigger at chest to head and the surf will peak on Thanksgiving Day at head high and bigger. The surf will begin to wind down on Friday but remain rideable through the weekend.

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Monday Surf Report 11/23/15

Monday Noon Surf Report Update

The Bad News: There’s no sign of any waves out here today and there’s no people due to the chilliness.
The Good News: Waves will start showing by tomorrow and the temps will be warming.

The winds are beginning to lay down
The beach is pretty much deserted... too darn chilly
The temps are warming but no waves
Waves starting tomorrow. Get ready!!!

Dawn Patrol Surf Report

Good chilly morning Gulf Coast!!! It’s flat and cold out here but at least the strong winds have calmed down some. There are no waves expected today but it won’t be long before there are plenty of waves in your surf future along with some warmer air temps. This morning the Pensacola Buoy is 5.6 ft @ 6 sec but that’s heading away from us.

Morning Pensacola Beach Conditions

Surf report says sunny todayWeather: Today will be sunny and chilly with the temps trying to get into the 60s at the beach this afternoon. Winds NNE at 10 to 15 mph. Sunrise Air Temp: 38°. Water Temp: 71° and dropping. Tides: Low @ 5:42 am. High @ 8:39 pm.

Surf Smooth Gulf Surf Forecast

The NE winds will begin to back off later this morning and the surf-building east winds will return tonight, continuing through much of the week. SURF ALERT: Look for surfable waves as early as tomorrow, building into the waist to chest high range. The waves will peak in the overhead range on Thanksgiving Day. The swell will wind down through the weekend only to have a re-enforcing swell hit on Sunday bringing back chest to head high waves.

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