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Saturday Surf Report 5/27/17

Surprise surfers there’s a clean little knee to thigh high swell out here, waiting for someone to come out and play on it. The winds are lite out of the SSW at less than 5 mph. The water is semi clear, and the sun is out in full swing , so come on out to the beach and enjoy the free concert with Kutless at the Family Fun Fest at Casino Beach on Pensacola Beach. 

By | Saturday, May 27th, 2017|

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Thursday Surf Report 5/25/17

We still have some fun rideable surf boys and girls, the current conditions are, it’s waist to rib high, with some bigger rogue sets coming through for the fun big drops, but most of the bigger sets just dump on the sandbars. It’s a peaky swell, and there are lots of soft shoulders to be had. The water is murky brown, and the tide is still coming in, high tide will be at 10:51 am on the eastern end of the beach. The winds are moderate from the NNW at 5 to 9 mph. Just remember that if you go to the far eastern end to find a secret break, we’ll let’s just say that you might find a lot of other strange activities going on that you might not want to see. There back!

By | Thursday, May 25th, 2017|

Wednesday Surf Update Report 5/24/17

Surfrider’s here’s an update from this mornings surf report given by John Russo. The sets just keep getting better even though the winds have picked up and switched to more from the WSW. The surf is rib to shoulder high now. There are some amazing overhead sets too. I changed to a short board and have been hunting a new break. I haven’t seen more than 6 people.. out at any given spot I don’t know where they all are. Here are some more shots that BertSmooth snapped of Suzanne and Tommy at an undisclosed spot. Look for the conditions tomorrow morning to be pretty much the same as they were this morning, except maybe a little smaller in size. We should have lite offshore winds in the morning till about mid day. 

By | Wednesday, May 24th, 2017|

Wednesday Surf Report 5/24/17

Good morning surfers, the surf is semi clean, with waist to rib high sets coming in, there are some head high sets pushing through with the incoming tide. The winds are less than 5 mph out of the WNW, but that is supposed to change to more WSW by mid morning and increasing, so if you want some semi clean faces you’d better get out here now. The tide will be high at 10:39 am at the cross. Gillette is out in his surf kayak scratchen for the bigger sets farther out. You could almost consider it an outside break it is bigger than Monday, wavelengths are shorter, but the break is more constant and a little closing out. Occasional long period lull’s provide for an easy paddle out. Once again it’s a perfect day for all kinds of wave riding vehicles. These shots are of John Russo dropping in on some of the bigger sets, but it’s hard to get a clear shot for the troughs, I wished that I would have brought my 6 foot aluminum ladder to set up down at the edge of the surf. 

By | Wednesday, May 24th, 2017|
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