Pensacola Beach Surf Report & Forecast

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Tuesday Surf Report 5/5/15

Dawn Patrol Surf Report

We have big waves boys and girls. There are long lines rolling in that are head to overhead high. The winds are NE @ 6 mph. The Luke Offshore Test Platform is 5.9 ft @ 9 sec from the ESE.

Morning Beach Conditions

Weather: Plentiful sunshine. High 82F. Winds ESE at 10 to 15 mph. Sunrise Air Temp: 70°. Water Temp: 73°. Tides: High @ 11:54 am. Low @ 10:30 pm.

SS Surf Forecast

The head to overhead waves will continue all day. More waves tomorrow not quite as big. Leftovers on Thursday. Not looking good for the YSIII Memorial Contest this weekend.

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Monday Surf Update

Monday 2 pm Update

The waves continue to build. There are shoulder high waves and a few bigger sets. Folks are having fun on the right side of the pier because it helps to block the 13 mph SSE wind.

Monday Mid-Day Pictures

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Monday 9 am Update

The waves are building faster than expected. There are already waist to rib high building wind waves. There was a shortboarder and a longboarder out already and both were catching waves. The winds are out of the east @ 13 mph making conditions choppy.

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It's The Gulf...

and it can change in the blink of an eye …YSIII

Monday Surf Report 5/4/15

Dawn Patrol Surf Report

The winds have begun blowing out of the SE @ 11-15 mph and waves are being born as you read this. There are building thigh high waves right now that are not really surfable yet but the winds will blow and the waves will be surfable later today.  At sunrise the Orange Beach Buoy is 3.6 ft @ 7 sec from the ESE.

Morning Beach Conditions

sunny-blueWeather: Today will be another sunny one. High 79F. Winds SE at 10 to 20 mph. Sunrise Air Temp: 77°. Water Temp: 73°. Tides: High @ 11:21 am. Low @ 9:36 pm.

SS Surf Forecast

The waves and will continue to build all day and should be stomach to chest high this afternoon. Tomorrow will be bigger, getting into the chest to head high range from the SE. The winds and waves will back off some on Wednesday but remain surfable in the waist to chest high range. By Thursday we will be down to leftover SUP sized waves. The long-range forecast shows the weekend flat.

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Sunday Flatness Report 5/3/15

Dawn Patrol Surf Report

There’s nothing but ankle snappers this morning and it won’t be rideable today. It’s another day of weekend flatness but things are getting ready to change tomorrow. The 3 mph north winds and cool air temps are making good flat water paddling conditions this morning. At daybreak the Pensacola Buoy is 1 ft @ 4 sec from the ESE.

Morning Beach Conditions

Weather: Today will be a sunny one. High near 80F. Winds SE at 5 to 10 mph. Sunrise Air Temp: 65°. Water Temp: 73°. Tides: High @ 10:57 am. Low @ 8:51 pm.

SS Surf Forecast

A high pressure system over the Atlantic will cause our winds to begin to strengthen tonight from the SE. By tomorrow we will see the waves build to 4→6 ft. Tuesday we will see head high waves. Wednesday it will begin to back down but remain surfable. Thursday leftovers.

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