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Wednesday T.S. Surf Report 6/21/17

Welcome to the first day of summer, so far starting off pretty good, not too hot, with mostly shaded skies today.  Surf this morning at 8:30….Gulf is very churned up. Surf is running well overhead with windy/choppy waves. Lots of beach erosion! Thunderstorms and rain bands coming in. Wind SE at 20-25mph with gusts over 30mph. It’s Big Wednesday…. Matt, Jack, Leroy, where are you! SurfSmooth reporter Ronnie Tibbs reporting from Pensacola Beach. Probably to the East of us is still going to be the best call for cleaner conditions. Or you could find one of these beach erosion rivers going out, and do some tidal bore surfing, it’s great for the skim boarders. Use the buddy system while surfing and stay safe. 

By | Wednesday, June 21st, 2017|

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Tuesday T.S. Surf Report 6/20/17

Surf today on Pensacola Beach is “well overhead” with lots of longshore current and beach erosion! Water is still clear. Wind is out of the SE 10-12 with guts to 20 mph. It’s an angry sea! SurfSmooth reporter Ronnie Tibbs. I heard from another SurfSmooth reporter Jeff Taylor that Ft. Pickens road is closed, so you’ll have to go by boat. SurfSmooth reporter John Russo reporting that PC Amazon’s is not working that good either, that there’s an outgoing tide all day with 10 foot faces. SurfSmooth reporter BillSmooth is saying that East is looking good ….offshore…outside bar at Spinnakers nice..not knarly…and paddle out looks doable.. On cam looks maybe 4-5 ft faces…..should build all day…. we have not gotten a good report in from Alabama Point yet. There you have it, we will keep you posted, as the roving SurfSmooth reporters send there updates in, that is if they don’t find a good spot that’s going off and get to excited, jump in, and forget to report in first. 

By | Tuesday, June 20th, 2017|

Monday T.S. Update 6/19/17

6:30PM Wave Maker, If you have not made your plans to find the spot to surf this week now is the time. The NHC is reporting PTC 3 will develop at least to Tropical Storm strength by tomorrow or Wednesday as it enters the Gulf of Mexico. Points east of Pensacola are looking better so take your pick. The current track is showing movement toward Louisiana; however, as always this can change rapidly. High Seas Alert for all Surfers – be careful …. swell models are approaching 14 ft @ 12 secs…..this is what we wait for all year. Warnings for Flash Floods. Lightning. Heavy downpours will certainly follow this week. Hope to see you in the H2O! BillSmooth reporting. 

By | Monday, June 19th, 2017|

Monday T.S. Surf Report 6/19/17

Afternoon update…. surf has picked up within the hour to thigh to waist (1-2 ft). Maybe first signs of surf to come?? This report is courtesy of Ronnie Tibbs, thanks Ronnie, as I am on the road driving. 

By | Monday, June 19th, 2017|
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