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Celebrate the Life of Ken “Rooster” Roose Paddle Out on 10/15/17

Good evening Surfrider’s, while we’ve had a week of pretty much flat surf , it looks like change is on the horizon. Starting this weekend, look for a pulse to arrive on our sandy shores. Don’t forget this coming Sunday October 15, 2017 starting at 2:00 PM until 8:00 PM we will be celebrating the well lived life of one of our beloved Surfrider’s Kendall Rooster, who paddled out for his last long nose ride on September 19, 2017. He is now surfing the perfect swell with YS3, and John Russell. Come out to the Navarre Pier to celebrate Rooster’s time in the water. Please check out the details below, or find out more information about this celebration on the the Surfers page on Facebook. 

By | Thursday, October 12th, 2017|

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Video Surf Report: September 29,2017

By | Saturday, October 7th, 2017|

Saturday Surf Report 9/30/17

Well boys and girls after a week of flatness get ready because Surf is on its way to our shores. Wax em up, you better have gotten them dings repaired, because we’re supposed to have a week of surf coming. I got one report by tomorrow noon time it should be 6.5 feet at 7 sec. it’s a beautiful morning out here on Pensacola Beach, and it’s going to be all day. But the surf has not arrived yet, it’s still flat. So get out and do a flat water paddle on the gulf or go for a nice strolling bike ride down the beach. What ever you do today, enjoy your day. 😎

By | Saturday, September 30th, 2017|

Sunday Surf Report 9/24/17

Well Surfrider’s there is a little bump out here to ride, and if you find the right sandbar you can have some fun. The tide is still going out, and low tide should be around 11:39 am this morning. The winds are out of the ENE at around 15 mph putting some light chop on the swell. The surf appears to be in the knee to thigh high range, and the waves are inconsistent. The swell models show the surf increasing by a half of a foot later on this afternoon. This little pulse looks like that’s all we’re going to get for the rest of the week. I am hearing some thunder out in the lower gulf, and there is a 40% chance of rain this afternoon. So go surf somewhere with your buddies. 

By | Sunday, September 24th, 2017|
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