Pensacola Beach Surf Report & Surf Forecast

Tuesday Surf Updates 03/31/15

6:15 pm Tuesday Update

There is a good bit of sw wind on the knee high waves. It’s a good afternoon to sailboard or kite.


Late Morning Slideshow

The winds were lighter than expected all morning that made the conditions good for the little knee to thigh to hip high waves that were lumbering in. The winds are projected to pick up from the SW this afternoon… but if they don’t, there are some little waves to play with on a longboard or SUP. The water is warming up… I wore a 1 ml top and bottom and was very comfortable.

Tuesday Surf Report 03/31/15

Morning Video Report

Morning Slideshow Report

Knee to thigh with bigger sets
Waves will hang in all day
Winds should pick up though
Waves coming the weekend?
Could be big by Sunday

Sunrise Surf Report

partly-cloudy-blueWelcome to the last day of March. At first light the 7-12 mph NW winds are putting chop on the knee to thigh high waves. The Orange Beach Buoy is 2.6 ft @ 7 sec from the SSE.

The Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach will start today live from Australia at 4 pm our time. You can view it live HERE.

Morning Beach Report

Weather: Sun and clouds mixed. High 76F. Winds WSW at 10 to 20 mph.
Tides: The tides are NEAP.
Water Temp: 69°
Sunrise Air Temp: 67°

Surf Forecast

If you can get through a small work week the weekend forecast is beginning to look better. The surf could come as early as Friday with waist high waves. By Sunday we could be looking at chest to head high waves. The waves could continue until mid-week next week. Keep your fingers crossed because we are in an unpredictable spring-time pattern so we’ll be keeping an eye on it because things could change with little advanced warning.

Visit Pensacola Beach Live Cam

Visit Pensacola Beach Cam

Navarre Beach Pier Cam

Navarre Beach Summerwind cam

March 26th, 2015

Here’s some more footage from Thursday, March 26, 2015

Monday Updates 03/20/15

Monday 6 pm Update

The winds clocked more to the west and blew it out for awhile but late in the afternoon it started to shape up a little.


Monday 1 pm Update

The waves are still slowly building. It’s solid thigh high with some bigger sets. You can definitely ride it on a longboard and something smaller if you’re as good as Sterling. The 15 mph SW wind is putting chop on it. If you’re desperate, and I know you are, you can try to squeak out a few this afternoon.


Monday 10:15 Update

We have small waves this morning. It’s knee to thigh high out of the southwest, with a southwest breeze. The form isn’t very good, but it is longboardable, the water is clear – and it’s getting warmer by the day.

Tom Hutson

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