First Light Surf Report

Sunny todayThe cold front moved through last night and the offshore winds have blown down what little waves we had. Ankle to shin high lines. The Pensacola Buoy is 1.6 ft @ 6 sec. Water temp 78°. The tide is going out with a low @ 2:51 pm. Clouds this morning but sunny later. High around 76°. Winds N @ 10-15 mph.

Surf Smooth Surf Forecast

We’ll have another cold front move through Friday night but this one will be surfless. Get ready because bigger waves are on tap for early next week. Look for the waves to get surfable on Monday with rib to chest high waves coming. The surf gets even bigger on Tuesday with rideable waves continuing Mon-Thursday.

No surfable waves today
A cold front is moving through
Flat for the rest of the week
More waves Monday
Waves Mon-Thursday

Wednesday 4:30 pm Update

The waves have not really built any with the incoming tide push. The surf remains in the thigh high range with a moderate chop due to the 10 mph west winds. The approaching cold front has ground down to a snail’s pace so it doesn’t look like the offshore winds will be here before dark. If you’re desperate there’s still some waves similar to the 2 pm slideshow but if you can’i make it you ain’t missing anything epic.

Wednesday 2:30 pm Update

The waves are thigh high with an occasional hip high set. The water is super clear. There is a west wind, but it’s not that strong. The waves look best for longboarding, unless you are very light on your feet. Come on out – a lot of guys are not wearing any wetsuit at all.
Tom Hutson
Remax on the Coast

2 pm Slideshow

First Light Surf Report

mostly_cloudy_with_rainAt first light it’s raining on Pensacola Beach. This morning we have some thigh high waves. The south wind @ 6 mph is putting some bumps on it. The Pensacola Buoy is 2.6 ft @ 6 sec. Water temp 78°. The tide is going out with a low @ 2:03 pm. We have a cold front moving towards us that will result in partly to mostly cloudy skies with scattered thunderstorms mainly during the morning. High around 80°. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 50%.

Surf Smooth Surf Forecast

We’ll have small waves tomorrow after this front moves through late today. Get ready because bigger waves are on tap for early next week. Look for the waves to get surfable on Monday with head high waves. Rideable surf continues Mon-Thursday.

Morning Slideshow

Wednesday October 29 2014
Thigh high waves from the south
Wednesday October 29 2014
Rain is in the area
Wednesday October 29 2014
Lumps and bumps
Wednesday October 29 2014
Cold front heading our way


First Light Surf Report

partlycloudyWe don’t have any surfable waves this morning and none are expected. Light south winds are putting some light chop on it. The Pensacola Buoy is 2 ft @ 3 sec. Water temp is 78°. High tide was @ 1:30 am. Low @ 1:06 pm. Today will be a mix of clouds and sun. High 79°. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.

First Light Surf Forecast

We get some small, SUP sized waves from the south for tomorrow. Nothing after that until Sunday when we will see the waves begin to pick up from the ESE into the waist to rib high range. By Monday we will see head to overhead waves that will continue on Tuesday and Wednesday as a front passes early Thursday.
No surfable waves today
A little bigger tomorrow
Bigger waves beginning Sunday

Monday 10 am Tropical Update

Down in the Caribbean the leftovers from Tropical Depression #9 have now become Tropical Storm Hannah. Hannah probably won’t be around long because she is headed inland soon. To find out more visit our Tropical Weather Page.

Monday 9:30 am Update

It’s a flawless fall day on the beach. Perfect in every way, except the waves. It’s ankle to maybe shin high.
T. Huts


First Light Surf Report

Sunny todayNo surfable waves today and nothing is expected. Light winds are making calm conditions. Water temp 78°. High tide was @ 12:51 am. Low tide @ 11:57 am.  This morning is going to have areas of dense fog… then plenty of sunshine. High 78°. Light and variable winds this morning becoming SE at 10 to 15 mph in the afternoon.

Oh so Smooooth Forecast

The Bad News: The waves are going to be smaller than expected this week. Only knee to thigh high on Wednesday and Thursday as a cold front approaches. The Good News: Next week the waves will be bigger than expected. Building waves beginning Sunday with head to overhead waves not backing off til mid-week.

Invest 94L in the Caribbean

The remnants of Tropical Depression #9 remain in the Caribbean near Nicaragua. Invest 94L has gained some strength in the past 12 hours but it is headed Southwest towards land so it won’t be long for the world. Check out our Tropical Weather Page for the latest.

Calm winds
Calm conditions
No waves today
Small waves on Wednesday and Thursday
Bigger waves early next week
Head to overhead coming

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