First Light Report

We don’t have any surfable waves and we’re not expecting any today. Today will be mostly sunny. Highs around 80. North winds 5 to 10 mph becoming south in the afternoon. Break out the paddle board to get some good exercise while you see some great scenery. You can see Pensacola Beach conditions live on the Surf Smooth Cam.

Surf Forecastt

The remainder of the work week is looking bleak as far as waves go. A weak cold front moves south of us and dissapates as a high pressure settles over the NE Gulf. A stronger cold front approaches early next week bringing us rideable waves Monday → Wednesday.

7:30 am picture


First Light Report

earth-dayNo waves today and none are expected. We have a minor front approaching today that will bring some clouds and possible rain but after it passes we will have light winds and blue skies for awhile that will make great conditions for SUP cruises. The tide is coming in with a high @ 5:15 pm. Enjoy the day because they’re getting longer. We will have 1 min and 41 sec more daylight today than we had yesterday. You can see Pensacola Beach conditions live on the Surf Smooth Cam.

Smooooooth Forecast

A weak cold front is approaching the area today. The front will stall just south of us by tomorrow morning. Another high pressure moves in Wednesday afternoon causing light winds and no surf through the weekend… seas generally 1 to 2 feet. Early next week conditions are looking better for building waves from the south.




It’s a knock down beautiful day out here at the beach. Blue skies and light winds are making great conditions for a stand up cruise. The cobia fisherman are enjoying the calm seas.



View the live Pensacola Beach Conditions

Surf Report

There’s no waves on the beautiful NW Florida Gulf Coast today and none are expected. At least the winds are lighter and the sun is out.

Smooooooth Forecast

There’s a high pressure parked over the Gulf. We’re at least a week away from any significant waves so tune up your guitar and start singing the “One to Two Foot Blues”. There’s a slight chance of some minor wind bumps on Thursday but don’t hold your breath.

Easter Sunday Video

He has risen but the surf hasn’t. No waves today and none are expected. There will be a high pressure parked over the Gulf that will keep the waves minimal ’til it moves out next weekend. There’s nothing major in the forecast. Only minor bumps on Monday. View the flatness on the live SMOOTH CAM.

Sunday Morning Pics

IMG_9178 - 2014-04-20 at 06-01-05
IMG_9179 - 2014-04-20 at 06-01-27
Live Smooth Cam
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Dawn Patrol

At daybreak we have a grey, windy, chilly morning. There are only shin to knee high leftover traces of yesterday’s swell. Later today the clouds will break up, the temps will get into the low to mid 70s, and the north winds will drop to 10-15 mph. The tide will be high today @ 2:09 pm. Check back later today to see footage from yesterday’s surf action.


I hope you were able to catch yesterday’s swell because we don’t have anything significant showing on the Surf Smooth Super Secret Surf Sniffing Satellite. Our next chance of waves is not til next weekend. If you are still surf horny you can watch the RIP CURL PRO live from Bells Beach, Australia right here at surf smooth starting at 4 pm our time.