Life is good down here. The amazing thing about this shot is that I turned around and shot it as we were walking away because we were so tired and hungry after this early morning session. It’s hard to believe that we could walk away from waves like this but fatigue and hunger are powerful forces. When we looked at this picture and realized we walked away from these conditions we said “What were we thinking?”. We’ll be returning this weekend and we’re stoked to see we might have some tropical action in the Gulf by the middle of the week.
Life is good

Pensacola Morning Freeze Frame

Smooth Conditions

Pensacola Morning Surf Report

Those little waves we had yesterday have dwindled overnight. Only some little shin high micro-waves that you might pick up on a SUP. At first light the winds are calm. The tides will be coming in all day. Mostly sunny. Highs in the lower 90s. West winds 5 to 15 mph along the coast. 30% rain chance. Highest heat index readings around 105 in the afternoon.

Pensacola Surf Forecast

THE BAD NEWS: A persistent ridge of high pressure will continue to build in the central Gulf through the weekend resulting in a light to moderate SW to W winds and little to no waves through Sunday. THE GOOD NEWS: Real waves may finally be in your future. Invest 96L has formed in the Atlantic and the Surf Smooth Super Secret Surf Sniffing Satellite is indicating that this storm may end up in the Gulf by the middle of next week bringing us some significant waves as early as Tuesday and continuing into the weekend… stay tuned. See our Tropical Weather Page.


Costa Rica Morning

We’re doing some sight seeing and hanging with some locals.
IMG_6096 - 2014-08-19 at 11-07-21

Pensacola Morning Freeze Frame

Morning Freeze Frame

Pensacola Morning Surf Report

There are some small waves from the SW in the knee high range trying to make a guest appearance. West winds at 8 mph are putting some chop on it. Winds will be SW enough to make the waves build a little more. The tide was high this morning and will be going out the rest of the day.

Pensacola Surf Forecast

Today SW winds 12 to 15 knots. Seas 2 to 4 feet. Slight chance of showers and thunderstorms. Unfortunately… back to flatness after today.

Monday Costa Rica Report

The waves are in the waist to chest high range with occasional head and even overhead sets still coming in… no jelly fish but an occasional ctenosaura lizard or two.
Lee goes frontside

ctenosaura lizard

Monday 7:30 am Pensacola Report

Good morning.
We have a westerly breeze this morning. The surf is trying to break – maybe shin high, but not really rideable.
Have a great day!
Tom Hutson
Remax on the Coast

Pensacola Report

There surf is not completely flat. There are some shin high choppy waves out of the southwest. Nothing to write home about.

Costa Rica Report

The swell is continuing to hold in the chest to head to overhead high range at select spots. The water is crystal clear, the sky is blue, the winds are offshore, the wave period is 16 seconds and the form is excellent. Worth writing home about.

Lee Magaha

Lee Magaha

Costa Rica

The Smooth Cams are enjoying escaping the flat spell by getting a little R&R in Central America. Lee M. is seen here celebrating his birthday by setting up a bottom turn Costa Rica style.
Lee Magaha